Whether it’s a simple elegance you seek or something boldly expressive, with our variety you can find the perfect match.

Durability? Absolutely. Eagle Frames are built to last, protecting your photos and art with a layer of quality you can trust. 

This commitment to excellence is at the heart of what we do, ensuring that each frame holds your memories safely and beautifully.

So, whether you're framing a graduation photo, a priceless piece of art, or a candid snapshot of a perfect family outing, trust Eagle Frames. 

Because when it comes to the moments you cherish, only the best will do.

Ready to frame your favourites? Explore our collection and let’s make your walls talk!

Explore Our Collection
A4 Photo Frame Black Wooden - EAGLE FRAMES

Discover Our Exquisite Collection

Eagle Frames is where elegance meets durability Our meticulously crafted wooden frames, available in A2, A3, and A4 sizes, come in stunning shades of black, brown, and light brown. Each frame is a masterpiece of engineered wood, promising style and lasting quality.

  • Bold A2 Frames: Command attention in any room. Our A2 frames are perfect for those grand pieces that demand a spotlight. Imagine your living room or office space transformed with art that speaks volumes, framed to perfection - that’s what these stunning frames provide.
  • Versatile A3 Frames: The decorator’s choice. A3 frames provide the ideal canvas for artworks, from bold prints to subtle watercolours. They're perfectly sized for versatility, fitting equally well in intimate spaces and professional settings.

Charming A4 Frames: Small in size but big on impact. A4 frames are tailor-made for personal photos and art prints, breathing life into any corner of the house. You can cluster several of these beauties on a gallery wall for a dynamic effect.

Isn’t it time your walls showcased something spectacular? Choose the frame that transforms your space and makes your walls come alive.

Why Choose Eagle Frames?

At Eagle Frames, we’re crafting an eco-friendly legacy as these frames are built with a conscience. 

Here's why you'll love every piece from our collection:

100% Recyclable Engineered Wood Frames: Each product at Eagle Frames is a nod to sustainability, made entirely from recyclable materials. With this frame, you can feel good about choosing eco-friendly elegance for your favourite spaces.

Sturdy Plexiglass Sheet: Say goodbye to fragility. Our robust plexiglass sheets ensure your artwork stays protected without compromising on clarity—durable through the years.

Double-Sided Protective Layers: Another awesome thing about Eagle Frames is that we double down on protection. Each glass comes with layers on both sides, shielding your art from dust and damage while making cleaning a breeze.

Scratch-Resistant Glass Film: Our glass film is tough on scratches and soft on your art. You can enjoy and display pristine, clear views of your artwork with no distractions.

Flexible Orientation: Whether you want a portrait display or wish to showcase your photographs the landscape way, our frames flex to your preference. These frames’ easy-to-adjust mounts allow for seamless switching, ensuring your frame always fits your vision.

Customizable Excellence: Want something other than what we’re currently offering? Let’s talk and we’ll present you with some superb customization choices in glass, mat, and wood type. We’ll let you tailor your frame to be as unique as the artwork it holds.

Ready to frame beautifully and responsibly? Let’s craft your perfect gallery wall.

Frame Your Memories with Style

At Eagle Frames, every frame is a masterpiece designed to beautify your decor and celebrate your most cherished moments.

Our wooden frames, crafted with precision from engineered wood, offer a timeless elegance that complements any interior design—from the sleek and modern to the rustic and traditional.

Doesn’t matter if you're commemorating a wedding, celebrating a graduation, or capturing joy, these frames hug your gallery walls just right. All the while elevating the ambiance and transforming walls into galleries. 

With finishes in classic black, rich brown, and light brown, our frames adapt to the mood and style of any occasion, ensuring your memories are not just preserved, but displayed with style.

Add a splash of elegance to your space and find your style with Eagle Frames.

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How to Choose the Perfect Frame

Selecting the right frame for your pictures is more than it fitting the available space - it's also about making a statement.

At Eagle Frames, we simplify this choice with frames that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal so every picture gets the spotlight it deserves.

  • Frame Size and Material

    Start with the size when shortlisting some options for your wall. A larger frame like our A2 is great for bold statement pieces above the sofa or mantle as it turns artwork into focal points. 

    On the flip side, smaller wooden frame sizes like A4 are ideal for intimate portraits and clustered gallery walls in hallways or staircases. 

    Material-wise, our engineered wooden frames offer a sturdy, elegant foundation for any artwork, enhancing the warmth and richness of your space with hues of black, brown, and light brown.

  • Latest Trends in Frame Designs

    Once you’re clear about the frame sizes, think of what’s trending. Doing so will help you stay in line with the latest in frame fashion, and Eagle Frames will make it even easier. For instance, currently, minimalist designs with slim, clean lines are in vogue. They bring a modern touch that complements both contemporary and traditional decor. 

    Plus, these designs ensure the focus remains on the artwork, proving to be versatile for any setting. So, instead of opting for wooden frames without prior research, explore a few trending gallery walls on Pinterest or the web and you’ll know what’d look modern. Or, if you’re a rustic soul, go with any frame size and finish that matches your taste.

Creating a Gallery Wall

Hanging a few frames on the wall and calling it a day won’t make the cut if you want something eye-catching. Also, why settle for a plain-looking wall when you can be craft-y? 

So, here are some steps to help you create a dashing gallery wall with our amazing wooden frames in different sizes:

  1. Select Your Frames - Mix and match sizes for a dynamic look or keep all frames the same size for a cohesive feel. Our range offers both options in harmonious styles.
  2. Choose a Layout - Plan your layout on the floor before taking it to the wall. Popular layouts include grid formations for a structured look or an organic spread for a more relaxed style. You can opt for a symmetrical grid if you prefer orderly aesthetics or an eclectic salon style for a more dynamic feel. It’s best to aim for balance in colour and shape distribution.
  3. Take Account of Space and Alignment - You should make sure there is consistent spacing between each frame on your gallery wall. A general rule of thumb is 2-3 inches apart. Use painter’s tape on the wall to mark the spots and adjust as necessary without damaging your walls.
  4. Hang Your Frames - Start from the centre and work your way out. The result will be a stunning gallery that reflects your taste and elevates your room.

Is Your Wall the Next Big Canvas? Let's make it spectacular! Pick your perfect frames at Eagle Frames now and start telling your story on your walls.

  • We know scratches are a problem. The only solution is a double layer of film. Our experts chose this film. It covers both sides of the plexiglass. It reduces scratches and keeps it clear. This shows our commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing.

  • Our wood can be recycled. We made it durable to reduce waste. Our frames last long. They have versatile designs for different styles. If you like minimalism, our black frames are ideal. They highlight the picture and have tasteful aesthetics.

  • Our black photo frames are from premium quality engineered wood meterial. They let the wood colors shine. The frames keep the lovely texture of our wood. Our design is simple, but it enhances your decor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of wood are used in your frames?

Our frames are crafted from high-quality engineered wood, offering both durability and a sleek finish. We use a variety of woods, ensuring each frame not only supports but also enhances the beauty of your artwork.

Can I customise the size and colour of my frame?

Yup. We offer customization options for size and colour. Choose from black, brown, and light brown colours to match your décor. Just let us know your specifications, and we'll tailor the frame to suit your needs.

Are your frames suitable for both portraits and landscapes?

Yes, our frames are designed to accommodate both portrait and landscape orientations. Each frame includes dynamic mounts that allow you to easily switch between orientations according to your display preferences.

How do I care for my wooden frame to ensure it lasts?

To maintain the quality of your wooden frame, avoid direct sunlight, which can cause fading. Dust it gently with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using liquid cleaners, which can damage the wood finish. With proper care, your frame will last for years to come.

How do I install my frame on the wall?

Each frame comes with all necessary hanging hardware and easy-to-follow instructions. Simply attach the hardware to your wall, ensuring it's level, and hang the frame securely. For larger frames, we recommend using two mounting points for stability.

What type of glass is used in the frames?

Our frames are fitted with high-quality plexiglass, known for its durability and clarity. The plexiglass is scratch-resistant and includes double-sided protective layers to ensure your artwork is displayed clearly and protected.