Collection: Brown Picture Frames

Planning to brighten up your space with a touch of earthy elegance? Your wish is granted.

Our brown wooden picture frames are more than just borders for your beloved photos and art—they're a warm hug for your walls. 

We’ve crafted these frames with care from premium wood so they bring a natural vibe to any room. 

Whether you’re decking out a modern minimalist loft or a comfy country cottage, these versatile brown photo frames fit right in. 

They glam every piece of artwork or photo with their rich, inviting tone.

As we're all about keeping things real at Eagle Frames, we stick to simple, solid wood—no fuss, no muss, just quality craftsmanship. 

Our brown picture frames are perfect to add a splash of sophistication to your place without overwhelming its decor. 

Check out our collection to bring the warmth and feel of solid wood to your gallery wall with the stunning brown photo frames.

Explore Our Variety of Brown Frames

Eagle Frames believes in quality over quantity - which is why our collection of wooden photo frames focuses on the classics. 

The best among these is our brown photo frame category, built to be sleek and functional. These picture frames add contrast and depth to plain walls, proving to be the centre of attention. 

From the deep, rich tones of dark walnut to the light, subtle hues of oak, our frames cater to every taste and style.

Say you want to breathe life into a plain white wall - a brown wooden picture frame will do just that. 

Also, with the moulded edges and glare-free glass, these frames make your artwork and photographs pop. 

Brown is a style statement that says sturdy, reliable, and stunningly sophisticated. 

So why settle for bland when you can go grand? Explore our variety and choose from the most amazing brown wooden frames today!

Why Choose Brown Frames?

Brown is the colour of elegance and subtle beauty - the shade with the most homely feeling. Here are a few more reasons that make our brown poster frames irresistible:

  • Lightweight and Sleek Build

    Who says style has to be heavy? Our brown frames are crafted to be sturdy and feather-light so they’re easy to move and hang. Perfect for quick redecorating or adjusting your display without the hassle.

  • Eye-Catching Shade

    Brown is the new black! With its rich, versatile shade, our brown wooden frames draw eyes without demanding attention. They’re incredible for making any artwork or photo pop, adding a dash of sophistication to whatever they hold.

  • Ever-Lasting Aura

    Brown doesn’t just look great; it lasts. The timeless appeal of our brown frames means they never go out of style. They’re a long-term addition to your décor, perfect for passing down those cherished family photos or prized art pieces from generation to generation.

  • Matching With Most Paint Shades

    Brown frames are chameleons. They blend beautifully with nearly any colour scheme. Doesn’t matter if your walls are a calming cream, a bold blue, or something in between, our brown frames fit right in.

  • Minimalist Yet Impactful

    Simplify without compromising impact. Our minimalist brown frames provide a clean, uncluttered look, making them the perfect choice for anyone who loves modern design but wants a bit of warmth and natural texture.

Step up to style with our chic, charming, and versatile brown frames. Get some awesome pieces today and add magic to your home!

Customizable Options for Brown Frames

Don’t want to go for one-size-fits-all? No worries because we can tailor to your taste. At Eagle Frames, our brown wooden frames come with a buffet of customizable options to perfectly suit your style and space. 

Here’s how you can make each frame your own:

Choose the Size: Whether you're framing an A4 certificate, an A3 artwork, or a larger A2 poster, you’ll find it at Eagle Frames. Need something out of the ordinary? No problem! We offer custom sizes to fit whatever you fancy.

Pick the Glass: Crystal clear or anti-glare? Your artwork deserves the best view. Choose the glass that protects and presents your photos and art in the best light.

Select the Mat: Complement your art with our variety of mat options. From classic whites to rich blacks, our mats help your images stand out while ensuring they blend seamlessly with your décor.

Ready to frame it your way? Let us know what you need and we’ll craft a frame that’s uniquely yours.

Decorating with Brown Frames

Once you know how to style sleek and minimalist photo frames, your house will never feel dull. Here are some ways to make the most out of these beauties:

  • You can group our brown frames to create a striking gallery wall that tells your story. Feel free to mix and match different sizes for a dynamic look, or keep it uniform for a sleek, modern vibe. 
  • It’s also a good idea to transform your workspace with the understated elegance of brown frames. You can hang a series of motivational quotes or serene landscapes to inspire creativity.
  • Brown frames blend beautifully with various textures and colours. So don’t hesitate to pair them with metallic accents for a touch of glamour, or with rustic wood and soft fabrics for a cosy, homey feel. 
  • You can use a large, brown wooden frame to anchor a space or draw attention to a special piece of art. It’s a simple trick that adds major impact, turning an ordinary room into a curated exhibit of your taste.

Redefine your space with our gorgeously brown frame collection and start your transformation today.

Maintenance Tips for Brown Frames

Keep your brown wooden frames looking as good as new with these easy-peasy maintenance tips:

  1. Dust them with love. 
  2. Avoid direct sunlight from falling on your frames. 
  3. Every now and then use a wood-friendly cleaner
  4.  to maintain your frames’ sparkle. 
  5. Keep rotating your display to renew your space’s look.

Want to keep your decor looking top-notch? Swing by Eagle Frames for more tips and to check out our latest collections.


What sizes are available for the brown photo frames?

Our brown photo frames come in standard sizes A2, A3, and A4. We also offer custom sizing options to fit your needs.

What materials are used in the brown photo frames?

All our brown frames are crafted from high-quality wood, providing durability and a classic aesthetic.

How do I clean my brown wooden frame?

You should gently dust your wooden frame with a soft, dry cloth to clean it. For more thorough cleaning, use a wood-approved cleaner and avoid harsh chemicals to maintain the frame’s finish and integrity.

Are the brown frames suitable for both prints and original artwork?

Yes, our brown frames are ideal for displaying anything from high-quality prints to original artwork. Their sturdy construction and aesthetic versatility make them suitable for a variety of display needs.

Do the frames come with mounting hardware?

Yes, all our frames have the necessary mounting hardware to ensure easy installation. Also, since these frames come with attached removable window mounts, you can hang them like portraits or landscapes - the choice is yours.