Term Defination
Photo Frame A structure designed to enhance and protect photographs, typically made of wood, metal, or plastic.
Digital Photo Frame An electronic device that displays photos digitally through an LCD screen.
Matting A border placed around a picture within a frame, usually made from cardboard or paper, to enhance its appearance.
Glazing The glass or acrylic front that protects the photo in the frame.
Mount A supportive backing used to secure the photo in the frame.
Gallery Wall A collection of various framed photos arranged on a wall for decorative purposes.
Shadow Box A deep frame used for displaying photographs along with three-dimensional objects related to the photo.
Frame Material The materials used in frame construction, commonly including wood, metal, and plastic.
Frame Size The dimensions of a photo frame, typically measured in inches or centimeters.
Frame Style The design or theme of the frame, which can range from modern to rustic or vintage.
Collage Frame A type of frame designed to display multiple photos within a single frame.
Orientation The direction in which a frame can be displayed, either horizontally or vertically.
Hanging Hardware Tools and accessories provided with a frame to assist in mounting it on a wall.
UV Protection A feature in some frame glazing to protect photos from ultraviolet light damage.
Acid-Free Describes matting or mounting materials that are made without acids, preventing damage to the photos over time.
Bezel The frame around the edge of a digital photo frame, often noted for its style and width.
Floating Frame A style of frame where the photo is suspended between two panes of glass, giving the illusion it is floating.
Frame Finish The surface treatment of a frame, which can include options like matte, gloss, distressed, or stained.
LED Display Refers to digital photo frames that use LED backlight technology to enhance the brightness and clarity of photos.
Motion Sensor A feature in some digital frames that turns the display on when movement is detected nearby.
Panoramic Frame A frame designed to hold wide-format pictures, typically used for landscape photography.
Portrait Frame A frame designed to hold vertical photographs, commonly used for individual or family portraits.
Protective Corner A covering on the corners of frames to prevent damage during shipping and handling.
Reclaimed Wood Frame A frame made from recycled or reclaimed wood, often prized for its environmental benefits and unique aesthetic.
Slide Show Feature A function in digital photo frames that allows a sequence of photos to be displayed continuously.
Smart Frame A digital photo frame equipped with internet connectivity and advanced features like cloud storage access.
Stand A piece of hardware attached to the back of a frame allowing it to stand upright on a flat surface.
Wireless Connectivity The ability of digital photo frames to connect to Wi-Fi networks for accessing photos online or through apps.
Aspect Ratio The ratio of the width to the height of the photo or frame, common ratios include 4:3 and 16:9.
Varnish A protective coating applied to some types of frames to enhance durability and appearance.
Acid-Free Mat A mat used in framing that does not contain acids that could damage the artwork or photos over time.
Archival Quality Refers to materials that are designed to protect and preserve photographs and documents for long-term storage.
Box Frame A type of frame that provides depth between the picture and the glass, often used for 3D artwork or objects.
Canvas Frame A frame specifically designed to hold a canvas, typically without glass to allow the texture of the canvas to show.
Clip Frame A simple frame style that uses clips instead of a traditional border to hold the picture and glass together.
Conservation Glass Special glass used in framing that offers UV protection to preserve the colors and integrity of framed items.
Frame Profile The cross-sectional shape of a frame's molding, which can vary widely to match decor styles or artwork needs.
Gallery Wrap A method of stretching an artist's canvas so that the canvas wraps around the sides of the frame; commonly used in gallery settings.
Matte Border The border around a photo within a frame, typically used to enhance the visual impact of the artwork.
Ornate Frame A highly decorative frame often featuring intricate designs and embellishments, suitable for classical decor.
Shadow Box A deep frame with space between the picture and the glass, used to frame objects and three-dimensional art.
UV Filter Glass Glass that has a coating to block ultraviolet light, helping to prevent fading and aging of framed pieces.
Watercolor Frame A frame that is specifically designed to hold a watercolor painting, typically with a mat and sometimes with a glass that reduces glare.
Wireless Updating A feature in digital photo frames where new photos can be uploaded remotely via wireless connectivity.
Zoom Feature In digital photo frames, allows for zooming in on specific details of a digital image displayed on the screen.